IOandCo is extremely conscious about data security over the internet. Visitors does not provide us with any kind of data and it will not collected in any way prior to ordering.

Collection of Information And How IOandCo Use That Information

When IOandCo collect information, such as his/her name, email, company name, phone numbers etc. IOandCo does not force users to provide that information, users have the option of not provide that information and that information will not be provided to third party. However, multiple IOandCo functions are only available to those users that provide us information like email or phone numbers.

IOandCo also collects resumes, whenever there are job openings. All the resumes are private and have significant value to us. IOandCo will only consider information provided in those resumes for the sake of employment.

Registration Policy

Whenever user are downloading information, software or scripts from IOandco, user will be required to register. This information is used to improve products or services and know about the user experience.

Information Logging

Whenever a user have submitted information for the purpose of seeking information, it is logged into our system and will not be shared with 3rd party in any case. That information will be used to contact the user in future communication.

Products Testimonials & Code Reuse-ability

Products built by IOandCo will be the sole property of the services buyer, but IOandCo reserve the right to call itself a rightfull developer of that product and it will display those products as testimonials. Other than showing testimonials, IOandCo does not reserve the rights to design of the product/application, however the code will be re-used in other products for the same/related purposes. At the same time, 0% information will be shared/used in that other product.

Links to Third Party

Applications/products will only contain links that are ordered by the client and will not contain any links to any other sites. Further IOandCo website contain many links to testimonials products and it is not responsible for any fraud scam or any other type of harm done by those products. Further, IOandCo is not responsible for the individual privacy policy of applications (developed by IOandCo).