Simple but Powerful Traits of Successful Mobile Apps

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Definition of software success begins with the working big mainframes. Big applications were providing mainly calculative tasks. However,in the 80s things take a dramatic turn and desktops has taken the place of bulky mainframes. Therefore, mini software that provide utility and entertainment became popular. Similarly, this trend has abrupted by the smartphone. Now, it has become the most popular communication and processing medium. Simple, smart and custom-designed apps are among the latest trends and mobile app development companies are getting serious attention. Presently, there are many simple traits that are the part of every successful app and every app development firm owner should know those traits.

App should be specifically made for mobile

In the start, people were ignoring mobile requirements. In fact, desktop developers were making mobile apps in the same way as they were doing coding for PCs. However, those apps were badly flopped, as the competition from ‘mobile-tailored’ apps were intensified. No doubt, phrase ‘mobile experience’ is common for apps and websites. Where users are looking for interactive apps in a memory and low data connectivity. Our Android app development services section is taking this problem seriously and made it a part of the planning cycle.

Whatever it does, it should look pretty

Yes, it is right. Either you are developing for a home cleaning business or a fashion brand, the app should be looking great. Pretty means good graphics, beautiful transitions and matching colors.

Extremely simple

If a 3-year-old can understand download and navigate through the app, then it means your app is great. Our app development company organize regular focus group,s where those investigators are looking forward for simplicity (compared to all the other features).

What does your app offers?

Competition is becoming tough. By now, 4 million apps are part of the app store world. Objective and features of your app should clearly differentiate it from the competition.

Do you remember that app?

People love to install anything, if they already have the first impression. That’s why major mobile app development companies are spending millions in their initial app marketing campaigns.

Sharing rewards

Humans are a social animal. And they love to interact with people. Your app should create network effect to catch the future users. That’s why they should get rewards for sharing and making a buzz on social media accounts.

Target the short-attention periods

Apps screens

People don’t want to spend more than 5 minutes on any app. Therefore, every functionality of the app should be achievable during that period of time.

Everyone should use it

The best option is the free one. This way, your app development agency can get the major retention in terms of free and quality marketing.

Who will use your app?

If you are developing a simple game, then your audience age group lies between 5 and 15 years old. If you are making financial planning app, then this means that people in their 40s and 50s will be using it. Therefore design and develop your app accordingly.

Should it be fun to use?

By far, it is the most important for long-term retention of the users.Everyone is familiar with apps that are telling absurd (but interesting) stories. For example, a camera app which tells your app. Those apps are considering simple facts (like wrinkles on the face). However, a simple change in the facial expression, background brightness changes the prediction. Mostly, it is telling the wrong age. But interestingly, people like those type of apps.

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