Management, Technical and Marketing Skills of A Successful Mobile App Development Company Owner

Important skills to learn

Owner of a company is defined as a person, who is completely in charge of the business. Some owners have the designation of CEO, chairman or director that define their complete authority over the company. However, the owner is a person, who provides everything to its workers that make the workflow possible in short and long term. In addition, app development company owner should be able to resolve issues, able to handle pressure and able to provide insights, if needed.

Technical skills Of the Owner

  • In the start, most of the companies are running low on budget and work-force. Therefore, this skill comes in handy there.
  • You can communicate better with clients during the planning phase.
  • After the initial success, the whole company is revolving around developers. Regrettably, if the owner does not have the technical skills, then business can face deadlines problems, hiring of wrong developers and many other problems can arise.
  • Teams communication can improve, if the owner provides necessary feedback.
  • Developers (especially newbies) have a habit of cutting-corners, that can seriously affect the performance of the app (and bad client experience) and experienced technical owner is the best solution here.
  • Having a great workforce is the only thing that comes next to passion. In my opinion, you can use this method to hire talented and cheap workforce. It start with hiring multiple internees, provide them with necessary training. After the training is completed, you can hire ⅓ of those people (making sure they are the best). As a result, you can get many benefits. But those benefits are not part of this article. However, this is only possible if the owner has the necessary technical skills. Our app development department is hiring using this method.

Management Skills For the Success of the Company

Most of the companies fail, because of the bad management. Google hire Eric Schmidt, after the initial success. As Larry and Sergey were unable to manage the expansion and daily operations. If your dream is to limit your development company to local area market, then management is not a key issue. But for medium-size companies, this is extremely important. In my opinion, if a company has 5 developers, it needs a good manager. Furthermore, every business faces a pressure situation every 6 months (average case). The company can be generating low revenue or workload is high or workforce is leaving the company (one after the other). No doubt, only an experienced and talented owner with great management skills can solve those issues.

Nothing Can Replace Marketing Skills

App skills

In my opinion, this is the most important skill for any mobile app development company owner. If you can’t master this skill, your app will get lose the competition from less interactive and limited features app. Arguably, you have to realize, 90% of the internet is running by computer algorithms and humans are not part of this process. If you are not technical person, then you can hire great developers. If you are not a good manager, you can hire someone. But, marketing skills do not have a suitable replacement and only a big marketing budget, which is wisely spent can come close to it. Even so, there is no guarantee of success.

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