Simple Rules of App Engagement For Your Business

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Apps's Interactive behavior

When it comes to generating revenue stream or loyal user base for your business via an app, there are multiple factors that play an important role. It starts with the development process. Nowadays, b2c business is driving more than 40% traffic of loyalty using the mobile apps. However, today’s market is acting as a polar agent for competitors. It is due to the influx of marketing capital, cheap app development companies, and ever-changing app development requirements.

On the other hand, if you compare today’s market with the 20th century. Business owners are exercising more control and independence in terms of marketing choices. They are not restricted to newspaper ads or flyers spam. By far, major marketing portion is dedicated to mobile phones. Users are spending 2 hours each day and it is 2 times than any other media. Here are app marketing tips that can increase your brand visibility and increase the revenue stream of your business.

Customer comes first

Getting new customers is the key but retaining the previous ones is also important. A retaining customer is a sign of trust that can trigger network effect for your business. Apps are playing a crucial role in retaining ratio. Easy to navigate, seamless experience and easy to use are the 3 key pillars in long-term retention of your client. This is only possible if your app is focusing on the customer experience by attaching emotions and time consumption in a more plain and productive way. Experience is one key factor. Arguably, users are looking for catchy concept rather than simple experience.

For example, if your company is developing products. You can provide customers with sales deals, VIP reception for a first buyer or a big collection of coupons. For example, if the user is making a second buyout. You can store the information and provide 1 click shopping option. It will clearly improve their experience. Another way is to create ‘loyalty discount’ for retained users.

Presently, the best example is Starbucks app. It allows one-click option alongside earning points through their ‘Rewards™ program’. You can send coupons and gifts to your friends without leaving the app. It is a win-win for Starbucks, as it is creating a vibe for its brand and helping to achieve more revenues without losing anything.  

Effect of 5-star support on your business

Personally communicating through email, phone or mobile messaging options inside the app are some ways users are trying to communicate 24/7. Right now, communicating without leaving is the best option. It is the best way for creating one-to-one communication tool. People love to provide feedback either positive/negative to the app, they have used to do something. This feedback can help companies to improve the current products/services or start offering new products.

Hiring an experienced app development company

Before hiring an app development firm, always ask questions. For example, if they have developed apps (like your’s) in the past? Ask about their work volume, as the big companies can’t provide the necessary care to features required for a successful app.

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