Steps to Follow Before Writing The First Line of Mobile App Code

Going up the ladder of app developmentYou can create a simple custom app and there are great chances it can become an instant hit. There are more than a billion devices using Android today. And all of those devices are looking for applications that can fulfill their needs or provide a solution to their problems or enhance their user experience. By far, mobile app development companies are unable to fulfill the gap. The reason is simple, these problems can’t  solved by general purpose app development companies (looking to develop everything in the world) rather than focusing on custom needs of people looking for a solution.

A simple example is a mint, a money management app. This app was sold for $170 million. After only 2 years of its launch. Why? Its founder Aaron Patzer spent more than 4 months before writing the first line of code. Those 4 months were spent researching for the product. He even stopped people on train station, in order know about their opinion. As a result, he is a millionaire by only developing a single app.  He got the idea, after realizing the fact that there is not a single app that is focusing on customize need of users. At that time, all the apps were general purpose and proprietary to mobile app development companies.

Summarizing the last para:

  • A problem need a solution: People can easily switch to your app, if it contains everything they need.
  • Careful research: So that it involves every group of people
  • Custom application: That is focusing toward need of people

Idea For An App

It starts with an idea. Remember, the idea is nothing but an abstract word. First, convert that idea into:

  • Raw list of features that will be part of your app
  • Rough idea of graphics, data, and other resources
  • What is the age group, color, financial status of your app users? 

Research Tasks Before Implementation of App

In order to know other people opinion, develop rough sketches for your app. Here the relaxation of mind is more important than work. Focusing on people’s needs and utilities rather than making things from your mind. Remember, you are not  big app development business (who is building application every month without consulting a single person). Take a journey (just like Aron), ask people about features, graphics, and data. Some features matter more than others. In case of Mint, front screen contains all the security features that are part of the app, why? People love to use financial apps if they are sure about the security features.  

Giving Finishing Touch To Your Idea

At last, finalize every single detail. When IOandCo owner starts offering app development services, he spent over 2 months to finalize all the screen and navigation of his first app. The simple rule is ‘simple is the best’. But differentiating between simple and complex is difficult and only experience will tell you the whole story.

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