Communicate With Clients Using Interactive App Development Process

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Different apps for different platforms

  • Why should people use your app?
  • And how can they spend more time in the app?
  • And what are the features that result in retaining more users?

App development service providers are dedicating teams that can answer those questions. Requirements are changing every year but the basic ones are still holding the main position. Those questions are important if your business is completely depending on the app revenue. In today’s world. 90% of b2c businesses are having an app. And this medium is generating 38% of the sales. As a result, you can’t abandon this ever populating front. As an experienced app designer, I will discuss important points in this article.

Tell users what they want to hear?

Your app has a purpose that differentiates it from other other Apps. That idea should have some juice and your content should focus toward that idea. And your UI design pattern should provide necessary interactivity and easiness toward that core idea ‘why people are using your app?’.

For example, New York Times App is a real-time app providing users with necessary information in daily life. And it is offering a combination of everything from a website to a hard copy. Downloading is free, you can read 10 articles each month for free.

Another example, if you are sitting in a university, you have to attend x amount of classes each week and perform y tasks. You can’t easily keep track of everything. Julabee student app comes up with an innovative idea that interacts with students and teachers for better communication. As a result, it is providing what is needed without disturbing students with Ads or sales pitches. We are the proud developers of this Julabee student app.

Communication is the key to successful retention

One-to-one communication is the most successful marketing method since the start of the corporate world. People love to visit  familiar app. If you are unable to create that atmosphere, your competitor will be the replacement of your app. A single mistake can sink your business ship into the sea of unknown apps.

Right now, push notification are the most important feature to communicate with users. You can update your clients with new deals and products, upcoming events and latest news. 2016 was the year, when mapping apps became an great power to communicate your idea. For example, if you are opening a new store, you can provide the GPS location with a simple pin at that location. Options are limitless and use your creativity for better results.

Let say, a user is not buying anything from your app or creating any revenue for your business. But he is using your app regularly. You can easily direct your app to his needs by analyzing the usage patterns.  Observing the fact that there is a difference between a sales web page and an interactive app. Rather than bombarding your users with sales offers. Divert your app focus for brand loyalty, positive trust, and confident word of mouth.

Great way for long term loyalty

We believe in friends and family members than a lousy sales pitch. If they are effected positively, those users will be the base of future users. And this network effect will have a positive effect on your business in the long run.


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