Your App Needs These Features To Become A Success

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Important features needed for sure app success

Every app is different from the other, in terms of features and functionalities. But there are same when it comes to basic features. Some apps provide everything in the interactive, practical and intuitive way. However, others are missing the vibe, have dreadful features and rough designs. This can lead to the failure of app development firms. Here are those important features:

Why is search important for your app?

Users should be able to find the content with fewer tapping. Allot of content is great for your app. But searching for specific data can become dreadful, if the app doesn’t have a proper search box. Also, the search option should be the part of every screen. It should be located at the top with the clear big icon. Furthermore, custom search option is better than a generic one.

Importance of social media accounts

Social media is not about viral videos and naughty kids anymore. It is offering everyone with useful and productive connectivity. However, ignoring social media means you will not get the bulk of the future prospects. Social media connectivity should be simple and seamless. Moreover, include other options of messaging and email as well.

Every device is different

Right now, more than a 200 companies are developing mobile phones. And more than 10,000 app development companies are active. However, there are a lot of things, the developer should learn from the architecture. Like, the screen sizes and orientations. While developing an app, consistently check test on multiple platforms.

Those devices need different versions

In the start, having one code for every device was good. But it was rejected in the first year of mobile app development boom. Google specifically introduce various options to address those issues. Graphic element sizes like dp, dpi and sp are just one example. Others include patch imaging, different images for different screens are also important tools. But in the end, everything comes to the experience developers, that have dealt with all the problems. They knows the actual problems and solutions to those problems that still exists after the successful code execution using the already built-in tools.

Keyboard typing vs other options

While searching on google, you can see the auto-options. This allows users to save time, reduce frustration and effort. While developing your app, you also have to adopt the same policy throughout your app. This will enable better searching, more navigation and great ROI for your app.

Feedback is more important today

Evaluating feedback is important in every business.

Admit the fact that you can’t make an app that offers everything,is absolutely perfect and everyone likes it. It will always have errors, functionalities problems, and graphics issues. Include a simple feedback icon at the top/bottom of the screen. This way, you will now about the lacking features of your app without any effort.

Option of working offline

Mobile devices are accessed in 90% places with 0 connectivity. That’s why your app development company planners should design the app for offline and online modes. Data should be stored in the mobile device during the offline time and uploaded to the servers, whenever it is connected.

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