How App Development Is Playing Crucial Role In Australian Jobs Market

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An expanding sector is acting as a big employing agent. However, 10 years ago it was unknown. Strangely enough, it is employing more than 1,13,000 people in Australia alone. This means it is adding 10,000 jobs every year since 2008 (this is the average case). This sector is part of tech world. And it is app development sector. It is the only sector, where app development companies and freelance developers are playing big(or near to equal) roles.

Well, things were not like that 10 years ago. Software sector was silent. And it was only interested in building applications for Windows platform. Arguably, it all starts with introduction of Apple store. No doubt, almost every software company became an mobile app development firm and trying to taste the honey out of the tree.Moreover, Freelance, smaller app development companies and big names are having equal share here. Comparing the app intensity (in terms of jobs ratio) is comparable with the US and Europe. Lagging behind the US by 0.2 and leading Europe by 0.1. Progressive Policy Institute publishes this report and telling 14% growth every year.

Android Vs iOS Revenues

iOS is a bigger revenue generator for software development companies. The reason is the big pocket of the OS phone owners. For Android app development businesses, the revenue lies in the volume rather than revenues sales. That;s why, big number of app development firms are actively searching for designers, developers, maintenance experts or support people. PPI report author Michael Mandel says: “Remember that any app is exportable, in the sense that it can be downloaded from an app store by anybody around the world, no matter how far the distance,” he says.“That means the Australian App Economy can become a basis for continued growth. In addition, apps can improve the efficiency and attractiveness of the Australian economy.”

Root of Many Other Jobs

Arguably, if there is a team full of tech people, it produces need of finance, HR, marketing, and sales job. Presently, NSW is the leader in terms of most jobs compared with all other areas with 56,100 active people. However, Capital Territory is bigger in terms of app developers density per 100 people. And it is 2.4 there. Of course, little number of support and maintenance jobs goes to:

  • Media houses
  • Real estate agents
  • Retail giants
  • Government agencies.
  • Non-profit organizations

Presently, bulk of jobs goes to maintenance and support jobs (for those sectors). Similarly, prominent players, when it comes to full development cycle jobs include:

  • Big software companies
  • Customized app development companies
  • overseas firms

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