Starting A Mobile App Development Company: Consider The Necessary Requirements

Learn important app development traits

Why should you start an app development business? There are multiple reasons. First and foremost, there are many problems that need a solution in the form of a simple app. Second, people are looking for applications that are inventive and can entertain them. Furthermore, this sector is driving major job growth for last 10 years (and showing signs of slowing down). For example, Australia is having 1,13,000 jobs that are related with app sector. It is big number for a country with population of only 20 million.

Qualities of the owner of a successful mobile app development company?

If you have previous app development experience, or curiously looking for a solution or have interest in development process. Arguably, these qualities will make you eligible for starting a local mobile app development company. Of course, passion is the main driving force, software developers love to complete their applications in one go. They are motivated by the incremental development progress of the app. As a result, startups like mint, ola, waze and many others were successful using this method of development.

Daily overview of activities at an app development company?

If you haven’t any previous development experience. Then, I will recommend doing one year internship at a local area app development firm. There, you have to observe the daily activities patterns. Presently, most companies use 2 type of models. First and foremost is the services one.

Services Model

  • Creating new business for your company, as you have to pay to your employees, rent and marketing budget.
  • Daily focus on live followups and generation of potential leads.
  • If some orders are in the process, then you will be checking the progress of developers, testers and designs teams.
  • Arranging necessary meetings.
  • Similarly, you will be providing clients with updates, answering to their queries (on the work already completed) and asking for their additional needs.

Product Model

Other is the product model. You will be:

  • If your app is in research phase, you will conducting regular meetings with potential users and your design team members.
  • Analyzing for necessary improvements in the application.
  • Hunting for bugs or errors.
  • Of course, you will be checking analytics on marketing platforms like search engines or social media accounts.These can be number of visitors, new leads or people asking for information (who can be your future customers).

There are multiple matters that are common in both the models:

  • Managing teams.
  • Checking the current in their creative and productive brains.
  • Occasionally, hiring and firing employees.

How are app development companies are generating revenues?

3 different screen sizes

Work for hire:

Presumably, it is the service model and does not directly include the product model.

Advertisement on free apps:

Arguably, this is the most popular option. People love to use free apps for everything except finance or business. This provides a great opportunity for money as well as free marketing.

Trial Option or limited functionality options:

For example, if you have played 8-ball pool game, you will know the issue of buying coins. Similarly, this problem is common with many gaming apps.Another example is Teamviewer. In the first place, Teamviewer app is free. If you are communicating with a friend/single person. However, for commercial usage, it is not free.

Paid Option:

In my opinion, only top quality mobile app development companies can work well with this model. Of course, users don’t spend money on every second app. Furthermore, Apple store is creating more app sales than any other store. However, for Android, this option works well if you are targeting the US or Europe or other developed markets.

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